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Though my art education journey began in 2011, my interest in 3D art has been with me since I was about 10 years old. At that time I discovered The Sims, which was almost the entire reason why I wanted to get into game art. Being able to create custom people (though somewhat limited with the original Sims) and buildings was so inspiring to me, that I knew immediately I wanted to continue and actually make 3D models and environments of my own.

At the age of 12, I finally figured out how to create custom content not only for The Sims, but also virtual worlds such as Second Life and There. I couldn't figure out quite yet how to make 3D models, but I learned how UV mapping worked and how to retexture objects and clothes using pre-made meshes. My go-to texturing programs were Adobe Photoshop CS and Jasc Paint Shop Pro. By the time I graduated high school, I was making real money selling designs in virtual worlds and was completely hooked.

Starting my art education in the Game Art industry with a focus on 3D environments, I'm currently focusing my efforts to learn even more about UI, UX and graphic design as a part-time online student at Academy of Art University obtaining my Masters in Web Design and New Media.

I'm an all-around art connoisseur. From traditional arts like drawing, painting and sculpting to digital ones like modeling, texturing and animating—I cannot get enough. I love all types of art, whether it be creating it myself or admiring from afar. Other favorites of mine are playing piano, putting makeup on others, writing in calligraphy and film photography, but I have an endless love for them all! Art takes its form in many different ways, and I try to draw inspiration from everywhere.

If you’re interested in contacting me for any reason, you can find my LinkedInemail me, or message me on Discord (Kendar#4102)!

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